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London, United Kingdom

North London coverage in residential and commercial properties

We are NL Leak Detection, based in Barnet, and a proud member of NL Group run by MML Plumbing Limited.

Here at NL Leak Detection, we are using the latest tools and technology to detect leaks in pipes and fittings under the ground. We can help you find hidden water leaks without causing damage.

Our highly skilled team of technicians have the knowledge to deal with any type of leak. If you suspect that you might have a plumbing problem, please feel free to contact us for a quick consultation on how we can solve it.

Leak detection to the rescue

We are a leak detection company specialising in finding all types of leaks. We offer a variety of services, from industrial to domestic.

We try all sorts of methods

There are many ways to find leaks, whether it’s through our traditional methods or the latest technologies, we always leave no stone unturned. No matter what type of leak you’re looking for, you can count on us to locate it!

We're on support 24/7

Our team is always available online 24/7, so you don’t have to worry about any leaks at any time. Whether it’s an emergency or just a little drip, you can make that call and we’ll be there in no time!


Leaks can be a serious problem for any home or industrial building.

The best leak detection services in North London

No matter what size the job, we provide the best non-destructive leak detection services in North London.

Contact us today to find out more about HOW!

No more surprises

Leaks happen without notice, and when they do it’s often with disastrous consequences. With our fast response times, we’ll be able to quickly identify the leak source and cause so you can get on with your day.

Get the leak fixed before it becomes a problem


Our team of skilled professionals are available within a short time to visit you. We’ll assess the problem and work with you to create a plan that will help prevent future leaks from happening – all this at an affordable price!

Here are some areas we cover for leak detection:

-North London

North-West London

Guaranteed Quality


  • – No hidden fees

  • – Fully qualified and insured technicians

  • – Ongoing, dedicated support

  • – 24/7 online support

  • Latest technology – Non Destructive methods

What is Non-Destructive Leak detection?

Non-destructive means: not destroying the material being investigated.

Saves you potentially hundreds of pounds in repair work. 

Prevents further damage to your property

Avoids large-scale excavations

Minimal disruption. 


There are two different leak detection exist. 1. When a plumber visits you without a special tool to see through the walls, therefore the wall or floor needs to come off. You pay for their time plus the damage.

On the other hand, there is a special leak detection service, that detects internal leaks with no damage, so all you have to pay for is our time, and the fix.

Prices vary, because no house is the same size, and no leaks are the same.

Contact us for discounted prices.

Hard to tell, every situation is different, however, we are convinced that any non-destructive method is better than ripping off the walls or floors.

How can someone identify the source of an internal leak? Check walls or ceiling anomalies. You may be given clues as to where might the leak come from, but even when the leak is external, you still have to find the source which is hiding within.

That’s why we are here for. Call us today, and book your leak detection specialist, to tell you exactly where your leak is coming from, so you can fix it.



The ‘no find – no fee’ leak detection * T&Cs apply*
  • Applies to internal hot and cold pipe leaks only (excludes central heating leaks and incoming mains).

  • Not applicable to damp and water damage caused by construction defects.

  • Not applicable if there is no plumbing leak(s) to be found.

  • Limited to 4 hours. ( half a day)

  • Applies to domestic properties only with a maximum of 1 kitchen and 2 bathrooms (includes WCs/cloakrooms, ensuite and such.)

  • Not applicable when pipe runs in any type of ducting and/or beneath a membrane.

  • Leak detection is considered successful when the leak is narrowed down to a room and/or an area of 5m x 5m.

  • Not applicable when we are not also instructed to carry out the leak access and repair.

  • If there are multiple leaks, then our time is chargeable if we have to return at a separate date or time.

  • Leak access and repair are always charged separately from leak detection.

  • Leak detection is considered successful when we confirm there is no leak in the property.

Advantages of picking NL Leak Detection

-We can locate the source of your invisible or visible

-Our leak detection is non-destructive

-We provide photographic reports and recommendations


-We can help with water damage repair

Water leak detection services by NL Group

Water leak detection is occasionally time-consuming, and difficult. Locating leaks like us requires professional engineers, professional tools and time. We need time, for the best results. Hidden leaks within the central heating system are something that cannot be seen with the naked eye and requires super tools to catch them. Here at NL Group, we are making sure that we invest in the best tools in the current market, therefore we can accurately locate leaks, and quicker than usual. Our leak detection engineers are highly qualified and often trained to get the best out of their equipment.


What do you need to do?

If you suspect that you might have an internal leak, monitor the followings: 

Check your water bills often. You might see some changes and unusual usage.

Check for dumps and moulds.

Check for leaks.

If you are living in a flat, ask your neighbour downstairs if they have seen any patches or not.

And more importantly, call a specialist if you like to be 100% sure.

Call us or email us today!

Our services

Our leak detection services are available from Barnet, across North London. We provide quick responses to water leaks or central heating leaks.

Central heating system leaks ( hidden leaks, burst pipe)

Boiler leaks - Central heating leak ( boiler losing pressure, heating problems )

Ceiling leak/ Trace and access

Bathroom and shower leaks ( leaking bath)

Water leak detection ( main water leak, water meter issues, water usage)

Repair service

Water leak detection services by NL Group

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Areas We Cover

Water supplies can leak without evidence and visible surface damage, slowly breaking up foundations and eventually causing massive damage. You may only know about leaks once you receive a letter or phone call advising of a possible leak from your water supplier.


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