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What to do and who is responsible?


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Detecting leaks in mains water supply pipes | NL Group: Help Made Easy

When the issue of leak detection arises, it must be a matter of trust. Here we have our experts. We can offer you a few advantages.


Have you found a leak?

Sometimes leaks are not apparent but merely wastewater and can potentially cost you money. You may have a leak and this should help you identify it.
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How do you know if you have a mains water leak?

Leaked Water Supply Symptoms

Water stains & water.
Hessing squeals or a noise.
Low Pressure
Water damage on ceilings
Moulding and mildew presence
Water discolouration


Who is responsible for mains water leaks?

The water firm has to deal with the groundwater lines and, generally, the communication pipes. This section of the supply pipe runs from the main to the house boundary of your home. The outside stopper valve is typically held by an individual company and should remain a part of this organization.

Supply pipe

How do you stop a water supply line from leaking?

Shut down the leaking water supply and remove sand from the drilled holes. Call your water supplier immediately.


Water meter ( meter reading)

A water meter is a good indicator of whether or not you have an internal leak in the property.
The easiest way to determine if there’s a leak in your home is to turn off every tap and water-consuming device and make sure no one uses the toilet, shower, or bath. After you’re certain that there’s no water usage from the home, the meter should remain in the same location and not move at all. You can return to the meter about an hour later to see if it has changed. If the meter has gone up, you have a leak. If the meter has stayed the same, you’re in the clear. If the meter has increased, you can do the same experiment by turning off the stopcock inside the house. If the meter does not turn, you know the leak is inside the house. If the meter still turns, the leak is before the stopcock.


Burst pipe

What is the main danger of water leaking into your house?

Water leaks could be harmful to your home. Water leaks are a potential problem with mould and mildew in a property. Exposure to mould spores can be a triggering factor for various health problems. And it is not limited to that. You can lose a significant amount of water within a couple of hours.
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Water pressure

Water leaks are easy to see, but not always. If the leak is internal, please call a professional. A dripping tap, showers, and appliances require a plumber to attend to, but when you have water pressure problems, we advise you to call a leak detection specialist. ( checking internal pipework)
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NL Group can arrive immediately and tackle leaks asap. For more information please visit our website email or call us today.

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Contact Us at 07732021818. We aim to find & repair a leak immediately and provide you with a comprehensive report.



You need to find out if the leak is on your side, or the supplier’s.

Call a professional and a supplier immediately. ( water companies) #leak allowance

Mould, damage and significant water loss.

We will help identify your leak and repair the issue as quickly as possible. It can never be overstated that a leak can cause significant damage. A 0.5 mm leak could cause 20 liters of water daily, severely damaging your property. Leak detection is only the beginning.


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Areas We Cover

Leak detection service provided by MML Plumbing Ltd, trading as NL Leak detection. We cover only the North London area, which means we can attend quicker than other leak detection companies covering the whole of London or the UK. We specialise in hidden water leaks, leak location, locating leaks, heating systems, leaking baths, and detecting leaks.


Water supplies can leak without evidence and visible surface damage, slowly breaking up foundations and eventually causing massive damage. You may only know about leaks once you receive a letter or phone call advising of a possible leak from your water supplier.