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NL Group's Leak detection Team cost explained

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How much does it cost to have a leak detected?

NL Group Leak detection technicians will use special devices and acoustic devices to discover the source of the leak and determine the location of the leak. Typical costs vary depending on the depth of the problem or severity.

Our standard hourly charges are only £100+VAT for detecting the leak and you will be updated within the first hour on the estimated work length.

Special Leak Detection Service

The Barnet Team

Do you suspect your central heating system may be leaking? Hire a special team that detects leaks, and save yourself some money by not repairing bigger damage that can be caused very quickly if you leave a leak going on too long.


Is leak detection accurate?

A leak detector helps to detect water leaks in the house. The detection of leakages uses sophisticated technologies and can have a precision rate of over 85%. This high accuracy rate ensures smaller damage to your property and helps solve the problem as soon as possible.

What is the most effective leak detection method?

The best ways to detect small leaks include ultrasonic leak detection devices, thermal imaging and borescope cameras. We’re using all of them to be successful.

Water leak detection - How do you find a leak you can't see?

You cannot unless you are using special equipment. We always say, even a plumber will not be able to help without tools. They might be able to ”locate” by their knowledge, and experience, but it cannot be 100% located without tools seeing through the walls.


If you suspect you have a leak, here is what you can do as a homeowner.

  • Check your usage regularly.
  • Check the bills regularly.
  • Check for damps, watermarks or leaks.

Our leak detection includes disruption provide photographic reports.

Hidden leaks cannot be found without special equipment, however. However, if the source of a water leak is hidden, leak detection specialists are a better option.


Affordable leak detection services across North London

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Usually, the case that your insurance will cover the cost of using a leak detection specialist, as well as cover costs for damage and repairs.
If you have trace and access cover on your building insurance policy, then it might cost you nothing!
Central Heating Leaks Mains Water Leaks Hot & Cold Leaks Buried & Hidden Pipes Underfloor Heating Leaks Drain and Waste Leaks What We Do Our engineers find and fix most leaks the next day.


Leaky water pipes can have several detrimental effects. So it must be your goal to resolve any suspected leaks as fast as possible. Various visible markers will help locate leakages in the house. A typical sign is a damp spot on walls or pools of water near a place of unknown origin, the sound of dripping water from walls, discolouration of walls or ceiling etc. But leaks found in walls can sometimes be difficult to detect. Prices may vary in each part of the UK, depending on the method used, but in London, an average cost for a special leak detection team is around £90-£220 + VAT/hrs.

Thermal imaging cameras can’t distinguish moisture within the wall, however, they can find the subtle temperature differences and patterns to discover the existence of water. Is using an infrared camera for water leak detection effective? Yes, using an infrared camera to find a water leak is incredibly effective because it senses and translates the radiation emitted by objects into thermal pictures. Very successful water leak detection services can be carried out.
We have found leaks that have been running for more than 10 years that other leak detection companies and water authorities failed to find.


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Leak detection service provided by MML Plumbing Ltd, trading as NL Leak detection. We cover only the North London area, which means we can attend quicker than other leak detection companies covering the whole of London or the UK. We specialize in hidden water leaks, leak location, locating leaks, heating systems, leaking baths, and detecting leaks.